Help the planet. Help Minnesota. Help yourself.

Solar energy is a sensible investment that helps you plan for your financial future as well as the future of Minnesota and that of planet Earth.

Right Here
As Minnesotans, we live in a place that’s ripe for solar development. Just because we have a reputation for being a cold place doesn’t mean it isn’t sunny. Colder temperatures actually increase the efficiency of photovoltaics. In fact, the amount of sun we enjoy is not that much different from that of Florida. Germany currently leads the world in solar power, and they have far less sun than we do. Minnesota ranks among the top 10 states for solar energy generation potential. Prices for the average photovoltaic system here dropped 14% last year. We’re also ranked number two in home ownership nationwide.

Right Now
Time is money as the saying goes, and it’s true- the longer you wait to install a solar photovoltaic system, the more money is lost to your utility company. Current incentives can make your system pay itself  back in far less time than in previous years. The money you pay your utility is never seen again. Remember that the landscape for state and federal incentives is always changing, so this is a limited time offer as incentives expire. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy low and sell high. Prices for solar photovoltaic systems are at historic lows, even if you don’t figure in rebates and tax credits. Conversely, rates for electricity have never been higher and climb every year, increasing your profits into the future.

Whatever your reasons for adopting solar power , Solarized is here to guide you to the system that’s right for you. We offer products made in Minnesota, and we’ll help you take advantage of all the incentives available in your area. Your solar energy solution will improve your financial bottom line, benefit your local economy, and reduce your carbon footprint. Get started now by requesting a quote.

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