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The Solarized crew has gone to work for Live Wire Electric to bring the power of the sun to the masses.  We’re excited to be working with an established family-run electrical company.  Check out their website at

Get in the Solarized state of mind: if energy independence, clean reliable renewable power, economic stability and a sustainable future for your children are important to you, it’s time that you take a look at the power of the sun.
Modern society has electricity addiction and we all know we need to produce clean energy to create a livable world in the future. Your in luck, the solution is here now! We help you achieve your renewable energy goals by presenting you with the options best suited for your needs and budget. Together we’ll navigate the range of incentives currently available to maximize your system’s value.

Right Here
As Minnesotans, we live in a place that’s ripe for solar development. Just because we have a reputation for being a cold place doesn’t mean it isn’t sunny. Colder temperatures actually increase photovoltaic power. In fact, the amount of sun we enjoy is not that much different from that of Florida. Germany currently leads the world in solar power, and they have far less sun than we do.

Right Now
“Time is money” as the saying goes – the longer you wait to produce your own power from the sun, the more money you needlessly hand over to your utility. The landscape for state and federal incentives is always changing, so this is a limited time offer as incentives expire. Prices for solar photovoltaic systems are now at historic lows, while electric rates can only rise.

Whatever your reasons for adopting solar power, Solarized will guide you to a clean power solution that’s right for you.

Get Solarized – It’s Easy!

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