Help the planet. Help Minnesota. Help yourself.

Solar Photovoltaics harnesses light wave energy from nuclear fusion generated at the core of a giagantic star 93,000,000 miles away.  Quit burning old dirty stored sunlight (fossil fuels) –

Live in the Now, get Solarized Minnesota solar energy solutions and begin exciting electrons of your own to power the rest of your life.

Warning: Natural byproducts of harvesting the power of the sun may include:
– Increased cash flow
– An overwhelming urge to lead
– The envy of the neighborhood
– The foresight to acknowledge the rights of generations to come


Right Here
As Minnesotans, we live in a place that’s ripe for solar development. Just because we have a reputation for being a cold place doesn’t mean it isn’t sunny. Colder temperatures actually increase photovoltaic power. In fact, the amount of sun we enjoy is not that much different from that of Florida. Germany currently leads the world in solar power, and they have far less sun than we do. Minnesota ranks among the top 10 states for solar energy generation potential.

Right Now
Time is money as the saying goes – the longer you wait to install a solar  system, the more money you needlessly hand over  to your utility.  Hedge your bet that electricity prices will continue to rise.

Play the 2016 *made in MN (MIM) Solar Lottery

– Residential customers can win up to $54,000 over ten years with a top performing system.

– Commercial customers can win up to $182,000 over ten years.

Remember the landscape for state and federal incentives is always changing, so this is a limited time offer as incentives expire. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy low and sell high. Prices for solar photovoltaic systems are at historic lows, while utility rates continue to rise.

Whatever your reasons for adopting solar power, Solarized Minnesota solar energy Solutions will guide you to a clean Power Solution that’s right for your future.   Your solar energy solution will improve your financial bottom line, benefit your local economy, and reduce your carbon footprint. Get started now by requesting a quote.

* participating Investor Owned Utilities IOU only (MIM applications only accepted between Jan 1st and Feb 28th)