Join Minnesota’s Solar Revolution

Solarized is an installer of solar photovoltaic systems, certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. We help you achieve your renewable energy goals by presenting you with the options best suited for your needs and budget. Together we’ll navigate the range of incentives currently available to maximize your system’s value.

Right Here
As Minnesotans, we live in a place that’s ripe for solar development.
Just because we have a reputation for being a cold place doesn’t mean it isn’t sunny. Colder temperatures actually increase photovoltaic power. In fact, the amount of sun we enjoy is not that much different from that of Florida. Germany currently leads the world in solar power, and they have far less sun than we do.

Right Now
Time is money as the saying goes – the longer you wait to install a solar system, the more money you needlessly hand over to your utility.
The landscape for state and federal incentives is always changing, so this is a limited time offer as incentives expire. Prices for solar photovoltaic systems are now at historic lows, while electric rates can only rise.

Whatever your reasons for adopting solar power, Solarized will guide you to a clean power solution that’s right for you. Get started now by requesting a free quote.

Get Solarized – It’s Easy!

So you’ve requested a free quote from us and you’re eager to find out what happens next. These are the steps we’ll be taking, so you know what to expect.

1. Site Survey

Since shade from trees, buildings and other objects directly impact the energy that can be produced at your site, a shading analysis needs to be conducted on your property by taking readings from your roof. At this time, all other considerations such as roof orientation and electrical infrastructure will be taken into account, and we’ll ask you to provide a current bill from your electric utility. The resulting data are used in step two:

2. System Design

We carefully consider options given your priorities and the data provided by the site survey to design the optimal system. We’ll choose components that make the most sense for your situation.

3. Proposal

A proposal will be drafted presenting the system design with a detailed analysis of how much energy the system can be expected to produce, along with a financial analysis showing projected revenue for the life of the system.

4. System Installation

Once a proposal has been accepted, we’ll install the system, having secured all the necessary permits and interconnection agreements with the utility. In some cases this may include monitoring so you can follow your system’s performance in real time.